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‘Upcycled’ Ingredients Gain Traction


CHICAGO — “Upcycled” ingredients can have a “triple bottom line” effect, said two speakers Feb. 25 at the American Society of Baking’s BakingTech 2019 in Chicago. Upcycled ingredients involve finding a functional use for what normally is a discarded item, said Carole Widmayer, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for the Coffee Cherry Co., Bellevue, Wash. Coffee cherries and brewers’ spent grains are two examples.

“Upcycling is really just a new trendy word for a very, very, very old idea — How do you take byproducts and turn them into coproducts?” said Dan Kurzrock, co-founder of ReGrained.Triple bottom line refers to how upcycled ingredients help people, the planet and company profits.“If we look at the economy, society and the environment, they are not separate silos,” Ms. Widmayer said. “They are fully integrated. If any one of these is off, the others fail, too. We must have a safe planet, a healthy planet, because without that we can’t grow crops, we can’t raise animals, we can’t produce the water (needed in food production).”

Upcycled ingredients may hit upon people’s desire, led by millennials, to seek an element of better, as in better for the planet or better for people, she said.

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