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Your Fancy Coffee Beans Deserve A Burr Grinder


2019 is already my Year Of Coffee. I started January off by upping my pour-over game (finally), and followed that up with some new coffee equipment in February. Most importantly, I am the proud new owner of a burr grinder, a coffee accessory I’d put off buying because of its $100-plus price tag. A burr grinder works by grinding beans between two surfaces (essentially metal plates), whereas a standard blade coffee grinder chops beans up like a blender.

I put off upgrading to the burr grinder because I figured hey, I’m buying good beans and grinding myself, so the burr grinder can wait. But that logic, I now see, was flawed: If you’re spending money on good beans and taking the time to grind them, you really owe it to yourself to grind them properly.

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