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Test Driving Portable Coffee Systems: Brux vs Makeshift Thermos and Cone Rig


Really delicious, dark, rich, mellow coffee makes me feel energized, not jittery. It is so essential to starting my day off right that when I’ve travel, I haul a makeshift coffee-making kit with me, along with excellent coffee. It works as both coffee brewer and portable thermos that guarantees delicious coffee that stays hot for the hour or so I will need to sip small cups of it… and get myself going for the day. It is not obsession, but necessity.

So I was intrigued when I saw Boco Design’s BRuX portable pour-over coffee maker designed to brew coffee at home, traveling or camping —pretty much anywhere you have access to boiling water and ground coffee. It has a retractable filter cone that drips coffee into a squat, vacuum-insulated thermos-like bottle big enough to hold in your hand. Cone, filters and coffee fit into the bottle to make it easy to transport.

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