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The Coffee Token, First Global Decentralized Ecosystem Connecting Coffee Producers And Consumers, Announces ICO

A disruptive digital currency based on the concept of both strengthening and simplifying consumer-coffee producer relations is set to make its debut in the cryptocurrency market. The Coffee Token, the lone blockchain platform dedicated to both coffee buyers and manufacturers around the world, is proud to announce its impending ICO.

“Recent statistics have shown that the coffee industry has experienced tremendous growth, which shows no signs of slowing down. The Coffee Token concept relies on the expressed need to connect members of the worldwide coffee community, who have long wished for a way to source their favorite beans directly from coffee producers, without the hefty fees and delays associated with middlemen,” said Ms. Kaye Lobato da Costa, HR/Marketing Director at The Coffee Token.

The Coffee Token will operate its proprietary online store, where both coffee aficionados and producers can become members, and exchange goods, making use of The Coffee Token token (TCT). The Coffee Token online store will give buyers the opportunity to acquire their coffee beans of choice in a simple, fast, and secure manner, while their purchases will be come with reduced costs and fees, compared to those made through the existing, traditional coffee retailers, either physical or online.

More specifically, all transactions made on The Coffee Token online store will be made through the Ethereum blockchain, thus allowing processing that is not made in FIAT, and as such is characterized by all the benefits associated with this means of payment. What’s more, facilitating purchases, consumers will be able to buy their coffee beans through The Coffee Token app, make payments with their bespoke TCT QR code, remain up-to-date with the discount points they accrue through their purchases (TCT discount points), and also track their orders in real-time.

“Our philosophy is primarily consumer- and producer-centric. Our wish is for the coffee market to be simplified, and for producers to earn fair wages that will sustain their livelihoods. We will provide ongoing marketing support to The Coffee Token partnering coffee producers, while we also aim to install packaging machines near or on producers’ farms, to allow them to process and ship their orders faster, as well as to lower their overall overhead costs.”

“The Coffee Token will abide by the Fair-Trade Farmers Association, all while guaranteeing lower prices. Our final mission is to create the first coffee brand and chain that is based on the blockchain technology, offering a variety of coffee blend and flavors from all over the world.

Those registering to The Coffee Token pre-sale will benefit from a “power bonus” of 5,000 tokens, upon spending at least one Ethereum (ETH). Registration to The Coffee Token pre-sale can be done by filling in the appropriate contact form found here.

To learn more about The Coffee Token, please visit:


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