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Café Joe Now Selling Kosher Whole Bean Coffee

Café Joe, the premier Israeli coffee chain has gained a reputation for excellence and has had a significant impact on the Israeli coffee culture for the last 20 years. Café Joe USA has taken that commitment to excellence across the Atlantic and into North American households. The team is excited to announce that their renowned whole bean coffee is now available online and Amazon.

After releasing Café Joe’s innovative Nespresso compatible capsules and coffee to American consumers just a few months ago, the latest whole bean offering is another step in providing responsibly-sourced, delicious coffee to households around the world.

The two, new whole bean options will be sold in 1kg and 250g bags. Boker and Rosh Hashanah are both hand-crafted blends whose freshness is felt in the quality of the coffee and can be enjoyed in every sip.

Boker blend:

Awaken to a new day with Boker (morning in Hebrew), a slightly bitter, yet delicate blend of Arabica beans. Boker welcomes you with a bright floral sweetness of sunflowers and pears to complement its smooth body.

Rosh Hashanah:

This sweet Arabica blend has a strong body that mixes perfectly with a cup of hot milk. Rosh Hashanah (new year in Hebrew) starts your day with a chocolaty sweetness and subtle hints of baking bread. Itʼs milky richness is balanced by mild acidity and notes of plum – making for a full-bodied coffee.

The Café Joe Commitment to Excellence

Café Joe’s bean roasting and coffee producing process has remained true to its roots. The state of the art coffee production facility is located in the heart of Israel and currently produces 300 tons of coffee annually.

The highest quality, green beans are sourced from the finest coffee farms in the world and examined by Italian coffee experts before being vetted by our in-house team. Each coffee variety is roasted separately, in small batches. This allows Café Joe to preserve the individual flavor and scent profiles that are distinctive to the area from which the coffee originates.

“The ability to freshly grind Café Joe whole beans gives our customers another way to enjoy Café Joe and the blends we work so hard to source and produce.” said Aron Schoenfeld, Café Joe USA’s Chief Executive Officer.

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