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The No Mess French Press Just Broke the Record for Coffee Products on Kickstarter


Using a French Press is one way to brew undoubtedly tasty coffee—if you actually know how to do it correctly.

By correctly, I mean knowing the exact temperature the water has to be, how long the coffee needs to brew, and how to clean the darn thing without dragging coffee grounds from one end of the countertop to the other.

The folks behind Rite Press want to make all of those activities easier for consumers. Billed as the “no mess French Press,” the product is a new iteration of the popular coffee brewer that regulates time and temperature. It also uses patented technology to make cleanup considerably easier.

Founder and CEO Sargam Patel used his background in physics and engineering to come up with the concept back in 2015, and Rite Press has been in development ever since.

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