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Coffee Holding Company: Wake Up And Smell The Potential


Analyst target price represents a double, after research coverage was resumed.

The company is aggressively buying back its own shares.

Lost Keurig/Green Mountain sales have been replaced.

It has been nearly a year since my last article on Coffee Holdings Company (NASDAQ:JVA), so I felt compelled to readdress the company’s investment narrative.

First and foremost, JVA’s 1st quarter earnings were released last week, and they were better than anticipated. Sales rose 12.5%, from $19.6 million to $22 million. Earnings climbed 17%, from 6 cents to 7 cents, while gross profit margin increased 130 basis points, from 15.90% to 17.20%. During the first quarter, the company bought back 93,041 shares in the open market and reduced its shares outstanding count by 1.5%, from 5,858,376 to 5,765,335.

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