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Professor Creates Healthy Antioxidant Infused Coffee


In some countries in Europe, red wine is part of daily life. Not so in the US. And as a result, Americans may be missing out on the health benefit of a particular antioxidant found in the skins of grapes. Now a chemist at UNH is trying to get more of this antixodiant, resveratrol, into the American diet through coffee.

Glen Miller is chair of the chemistry department at the University of New Hampshire, and a few years ago, he first got the idea of putting resveratrol into spring water. But when he did, he saw a huge problem.

“It made it look a little like pond water, to be honest,” he said.

This yellowish-brown stuff was not going to fly off the shelves. So, he wondered, what else do Americans drink with amazing regularity? Coffee.

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