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Broad Porch Coffee Co. promotes sustainability zero waste


Walking into Agora Downtown Market, shoppers are sure to notice two things: the upbeat music and unmistakable aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Next to Lineage sits a coffee shop called Broad Porch Coffee Co., where cortadas, lattes, locally blended teas and cold brew are popular staples. The shop opened this past June and has been providing service to Agora shoppers ever since. From looking at the storefront, it would be hard to guess that the little shop started with a Google search and 1963 Shasta camper.

As a JMU student, alumnus Phil Duntemann (’12) never had a single cup of coffee. It wasn’t until after college when he started working in restaurants that he began drinking it every day. Coffee roasting came to Duntemann in 2014 after he randomly conducted a Google search on how to do it. Shortly thereafter, he began roasting coffee on the front porch of his house on Broad Street, later selling it to longtime friend and fellow JMU alumna Jill McMullan.

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