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How to Get the Closest Thing to American Coffee Around the World


International travel is a beautiful way to experience a new culture. But while I’m almost entirely all for immersing yourself in what’s local and pushing beyond your boundaries, I make an exception for coffee. Blame jet lag or the disorientation of un-caffeinated mornings in a foreign country, but when I’m abroad and in need of a jolt, I just want something close to familiar.

I’m not saying you should barge into a cafe and demand an American coffee when traveling, but if you do want something similar to what you’d start the day with at home, acquiring it can be surprisingly difficult; the same words can mean different things in different places. Americans are anomalous in our definition of “iced coffee”—in many other countries “iced coffee” comes with ice cream. So we talked to expats, locals, and world travelers to find out your best bet for the closest thing to American-style drip coffee. If you’ve got tips for countries or regions not listed here, please leave them in the comments.

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