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Starbucks has fans gazing into new Crystal Ball Frappuccino

Up next in the magical line of Starbucks’ Frappuccino drinks comes Crystal Ball.

If you are lucky, it just might predict your future.

The creme-based Frappuccino “infused with peach flavor and turquoise sparkles that creates an enchanting marbling effect” is available for a limited-time from March 22-26. It contains no coffee.

Starbucks says the magic happens when the peach flavored whipped cream is topped with one of three colored gem candies — blue, green or purple.

Blue foretells adventure, green foretells luck and purple magic.

“Only the fates can decide which color is revealed. The customer will not know which color of candy gem will top the beverage,” the company said.

Apparently, it’s not all that mysterious. Baristas top the drinks and pick from one of three opaque shakers containing the candy gems.

A 12-ounce beverage is priced at $4.95 to $5.25, depending on the market, said the company.

By Sue Gleiter, The Patriot-News, Harrisburg, Pa.


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