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Starbucks wants your email address: Coffee giant tests new WiFi …


Since rolling out free WiFi in its U.S. stores nearly eight years ago, Starbucks has asked customers to simply accept terms and conditions in order to connect to its public WiFi network — no other sign-in process required.

Now the coffee giant is testing a new WiFi login process in its U.S. stores, asking customers to provide their email address before connecting.

The business implications are significant: It’s a way for Starbucks to establish a personalized marketing channel with the 60 million U.S. customers who visit its stores each month, but aren’t part of the Starbucks Rewards program.

Starbucks says this would make the login process smoother for repeat customers, automating how they connect to the WiFi network when returning to any U.S. company-operated store (licensed stores are not part of this test).

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