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Freshly Brewed For Success: Why Coffee Franchises Are Booming


Here in Britain, we might be known as a nation of tea drinkers – however coffee now seems to have overtaken tea as the UK’s drink of choice

2017 research reported that Britons were now spending up to £2210 in our nation’s coffee shops, with a reported 80% of adult Britons visiting a coffee shop at least once a week. And with apparently 83% of the US population as coffee drinkers, it seems that coffee as a favoured staple is here to stay.

In light of these kind of statistics therefore, it’s unsurprising that when it comes to franchising, the coffee shop sector is soaring. The BFA Natwest Report into the UK Franchising Industry released at the end of 2018 reported a huge leap in the number of units operated by the coffee giants Costa and Starbucks in the UK –  Costa Coffee had just over 170 units 10 years ago, and now has 2,300.

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