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Two Great Tastes? Cheese And Coffee Meet Cute


How do you take your coffee?

If there are wrong answers to this question, then certainly the word “cheese” would be on that list.

Cheese? Why, a serious coffee drinker might ask, would these two concepts even come into contact? Isn’t it bad enough that menus at modern coffee shops resemble some kind of horse race betting board and that an alarming number of people march around slurping their brew through huge, domed lids, the better to accommodate their froths and whipped toppings and sprinkles and layers of manufactured gloop?

And now, cheese?

Then again, it feels almost inevitable in this era of extravagant brews and outlandish culinary dares that someone would say, “Hey, I know what would go well in this caramel-marshmallow-leprechaun-mocha-candyland-pinkie-pie swirl: cheese!”

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