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Will One Of These 12 Visions Replace Today’s Throwaway Coffee Cup?


Some 600 billion new disposable cups each year swell landfills, litter landscapes or drift in seas around the world. To help address a vexing design dilemma and reduce that waste stream, the Next-Gen Cup Consortium and Challenge announced a dozen winners at GreenBiz 19 in Phoenix last week.

“Most single use hot-cold cups are made of fiber with a plastic-based coating to retain heat or cold and prevent leaking,” Kate Daly, executive director of the Center for the Circular Economy, said. “Because this is a mixed material and not 100 percent paper, the cup cannot be included in mixed-paper recycling and is not suitable for composting.”

The challenge: Come up with cost-effective, sustainable alternatives that don’t compromise performance. The 480 submissions fell into three categories: innovative cup liners; new materials; and reusable cup service models.

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