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Should Every Cup Of Coffee Cost £15?


News that Le Café Alain Ducasse, at the Coal Drops Yard complex in King’s Cross in London, is now serving “the perfect cup of coffee” (their words) at £15 a pop has – to be diplomatic – divided opinion. While it may be tempting to see in that price-tag proof that some people have more money than sense, it still doesn’t make Ducasse the Chanel of baristas. Even Starbucks can break the bank. (Remember when, back in 2013, a man paid $47.30 for a 48-shot “quadriginoctuple frap” – 48 shots with a busload of extras.)

Ducasse’s beans are from Yemen; the price reflects the challenges of growing coffee – let alone harvesting, processing and exporting the beans – in war-zone conditions, and paying fair wages for it.

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