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ArticulATE Q&A: Briggo’s Coffee Haus has Served 470,000 Cups of Robot-Made Drinks


Look in any coffee shop in any city in America (or perhaps even the world) in the morning and chances are you’ll see people lined up to get their first cup of joe. Pretty soon, however, those people could be lined up in front of a robot that automatically and tirelessly slings custom-made lattes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Austin-based Briggo is one such company making always-open robo-baristas a reality. The company’s Coffee Haus is an automated high-tech vending machine designed to serve up morning (and afternoon, and evening, and middle of the night) fixes in high-volume areas like corporate campuses and airports.

But Briggo is more than a robotics company: it’s actually a full-stack coffee company, which also sources and roasts its own beans.

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