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One of a Kind: OHenry’s Purchases World-Class Coffee Crop in Colombia


OHenry’s is about to be the only coffee house in the nation to offer one-of-a-kind Colombian coffee — but only for a short time.

Owners Randy and Mary Adamy, along with with two of OHenry’s leaders, traveled to La Palma y El Tucan, a world-class coffee farm in Colombia. They spent four days there picking coffee cherries and sorting them.

“Grown at 1700 meters on a steep mountainside, this coffee is very bright and crisp in the cup,” the company said in a statement. “OHenry’s produced it as a lighter roast to preserve the natural, honey-like sweetness. Guests can expect tasting notes of jasmine in the aroma and fruit characteristics of blackberries and peaches on the palate.”

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