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How To Make The Best Irish Coffee According To Irish Bartenders


Everyone chooses to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the way they deem best, be it chasing off real snakes to honor the Saint’s metaphorical ones, pinching party poopers who have neglected to wear green, or hiding indoors to avoid the former two types of revelers. But one St. Paddy’s Day activity upon which many people seem to agree is the time-honored practice of drinking heavily.

Of all the Emerald Isle’s most famous homegrown beverages, Irish coffee may be the most well-equipped to handle St. Patrick’s Day: not only does it get that first bit of celebratory whiskey down, it’s accompanied by the caffeine needed to make it through the rest of the day. Plus it’s delicious, making it accessible to those who aren’t trying to shoot straight whiskey or chug a Guinness.

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