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Driftaway Coffee Subscription Box review: Gourmet Treat


Driftaway Coffee’s World Explorer Coffee Sampler is a monthly subscription box for people interested in coffees from around the world. Each one pound box comes with four different bags of coffee, each bag containing four ounces of freshly roasted whole coffee beans. Each bag is a single origin coffee with a different flavor profile: fruity, classic, balanced, and bold. The fruity coffee is light roasted, typically from Africa. The classic coffee is a medium roast, generally from South America. The balanced coffee is a light roast, usually from Central America. The bold coffee would be a dark roast, from anywhere in the world. The coffees are roasted in Brooklyn, NY on Fridays and sent out within six days of roasting.

Each coffee comes with a postcard that explains a bit about that coffee’s origins and the farmer that grew it. The card shares information about the coffee producer, notes from the roaster, and bit of trivia.

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