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NYC Start-Up Launches Alcohol-Infused Cold Brew Coffee


Cold brew coffee infused with alcohol is here. A New York City start-up is disrupting this caffeinated category with a unique, yet healthy jolt for hotels.

Bomani was created by co-founders Sam Madani, Kai Drewry, and Amin Anjedani, who are known by their friends and family as the “Bomani Brothers,” with a goal to provide a new beverage option that intentionally avoids high-calorie, high-sugar, dairy-filled and synthetic ingredients.

“We got this idea around the beginning of last summer,” said Madani. “I was working in investment banking and so was Amin. Working these high-intensity jobs, we tried to stay active and fit. At the end of the week, we didn’t want to sacrifice our social lives. We saw people in our social group mixing synthetic energy drinks and ordering espresso martinis—they’re pretty bad for you, and it doesn’t feel good on the stomach. Convenience is also a huge issue. The three of us sat down and decided consumers deserve a better product that is healthier, tastier and more convenient.”

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