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Burger King’s New $5 Coffee Subscription Misses Opportunity to Score Big


Burger King had the opportunity to drive a wedge deep into the fast-food breakfast wars with its new $5 a month coffee subscription service, but because it chose timidity over boldness, the Restaurant Brands International(NYSE:QSR)chain will instead lag behind its rivals.

Using Burger King’s mobile app, customers who sign up for the $5-a-month service can order a small cup of the restaurant’s premium BK Cafe coffee every single day. As the burger joint noted, “For the price of a large cappuccino from Starbucks, you can have a BK Cafe brewed coffee every day for a month.” The cost is equivalent to $0.17 a day, certainly a bargain anywhere.

Although Burger King is not typically noted for its coffee in the way McDonald’s(NYSE:MCD) or Dunkin Brands(NASDAQ:DNKN)Dunkin’ donuts and coffee chain is, the promotion offered the restaurant a chance to peel off customers from both, particularly as the two chains were also actively wooing customers for the morning daypart.


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