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A Cold Brew Coffee Surge: illycaffè Launches System that Infuses Ambient Air as Trend Accelerates


The dramatic rise in cold brewed coffee is entering a new stage with an innovative technological system further cementing the trend. lllycaffè S.p.A. has launched what it claims to be the first-ever system for coffee that infuses ambient air into cold brew to create a nitro-effect without the use of kegs or nitrogen tanks. The long-established Italian coffee company behind  global game-changing sustainable and convenient innovations has now pioneered a new system called Cold Brew Aria.

At the heart of Cold Brew Aria is an adjustable patent pending valve, embedded in a tap handle that captures ambient air – already 78 percent nitrogen-rich, by nature – that is immediately infused at high pressure into illy cold brew coffee as it’s dispensed. “The combination in action creates a beautiful, long cascading effect in the glass and a rich, creamy head that rivals that of a perfectly poured Guinness and thicker than nitrogen infusion can produce,” the company notes.

The company notes that Cold Brew Aria arrives at a time when US cold coffee sales are booming, having  gone from being known as a summertime hot coffee substitute to a full 12-month proposition.

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