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Big Coffee has problem as craft roasters cut out a middleman


Jeff Bezos isn’t coming to Long Island City anymore, but the future of small-batch coffee roasting may already be taking root there.

About a mile north of the site that Inc. abandoned for its proposed New York City campus, a tiny coffee roasting co-op is welcoming anyone from cafe owners to hip consumers wanting to prepare their own green beans. Regalia’s model, which lets customers rent time at its roasting machines, is attracting a wave of trendy Americans looking to ditch the traditional brands that have long dominated the coffee scene in favor of specialty beans and a more artisan cup of joe.

“The visions and the goals of the coffee roasters and the visions and goals of a cafe or bakery owner didn’t always align,” said Paolo Maliksi, one of the owners of Regalia. “We are here to make sure that anyone can come in and roast for whatever reason.”

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