Revolutionary Brew By Pack Single Cup Option Coming Soon!

At a recent trade show, I was part of a group that had the opportunity to privately review what could be one of the most exciting single cup brewing advances ever!

Innovative technology now allows for the creation of Coffee Puck, a compressed wafer of coffee approximately the size of a silver dollar that brews through a beautiful brewer that has four brew “slots” designed to eliminate cross contamination. Envision a pay phone coin receptacle housed in a very handsome chassis.

Even more exciting, this new technology can steep tea and handle water soluble cocoas, also available in the “wafer” style. All film and exterior packaging is completely biodegradable. Combine all of these features with product price points ranging from 12-21 cents per 8 liquid ounce brew and I believe we have a winner!

Engineer, designer and Q-grader Yesiam Bogusto based in Bologna, Italy will be making personal appearances in the very near future at a number of trade shows to present this new concept.


More to come!

By Kenya A.A. Fracpack

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