New Wave in Specialty Coffee

As defined by The Wikipedia on the interweb,” Third Wave of Coffee is a movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity.”  Specialty coffee industry professionals, like Timothy Castle and Trish Rothgeb have commonly used the term “Third Wave” to separate the current generation of professionals from the previous waves who obviously identified specialty coffee and coffee quality differently.

A Fourth Wave movement in specialty coffee has already been identified as the proliferation of creative and unique coffee beverages, like the “what is old is now new again” cold brewed coffee and the “it’s genuinely new” nitro coffee.

However, we are now learning about a micro-wave that is just been discovered by coffee and bakery aficionados. This movement has named themselves in an effort to become identified and recognized, similar to the way a middle-child yearns to be recognized. Coffee 3.14 Wave is self-identified as the specialty coffee “Pi Wave.” This Coffee 3.14 Wave is the confluence of coffee and bakery pie items served together for the first time in the history of known specialty coffee society.

The discovery of the Coffee 3.14 Wave has been credited to an elusive master-expert in the world of culinary confectionary. Known only, and simply, as the Swedish Chef, this industry luminary and self-proclaimed 3.14 leader has defined himself as the wave’s discoverer, creator, and protector.


By Frank Sumatra

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