New Product Launch: 4paw Coffee

In our last post, we presented a story of the scientific discovery of a new species of coffee plant.  This discovery, made curiously by chemists and not botanists was provided the chemical identifier K9P.z

K9P coffee has been studied extensively by R&R Coffee to the development and creation of a new beverage that has been recently launched. 4paw coffee was reviewed by industry experts, including the discoverer, creator, and protector of Specialty Coffee’s newest movement, Coffee 3.14 Wave. The Swedish Chef has proclaimed 4paw coffee as, “for the dogs”.

At the time of publishing this magazine, the co-owners of R&R coffee, Rufus Dog and Rover Pup have been unable to determine of Coffee 3.14 Wave comments are good boy comments, or bad dog comments.

By Frank Sumatra

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