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Green Coffee Milk – The Next Non Dairy Beverage

Green Coffee Milk is the latest non-dairy beverage available to the lactose evading consumer. Baristas in Portland’s plethora of third wave coffee shops popping up in Portland’s Inner East side have begun making espresso drinks with green coffee milk.

The product is currently made in the backrooms of these shops and each one has their own proprietary recipe for it. Though they do each use a grain mill, to mill the green coffee to the desired particle size and then steep in water in a refrigerated environment. From there the mixture is drained and the green coffee is pressed to fully extract all the milk.

The green coffee milk retains from its beans the nuances of its origin with subtle blueberry notes coming from the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe that I tried. The beauty of this product is that the latte, cappuccino etc.… is still 100% coffee. Note that it takes about 2 pounds of green coffee to make 16 oz of green coffee milk. The café’s that I visited charge between an additional $5 to $8 per drink to have it made with green coffee milk.  Though this could be a budget buster for an everyday consumption, I highly encourage it as a treat to your senses.

By Hardie Cupp

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