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Meet the coffee queen


It may be called King Coffee, but do not let the name fool you. The chairperson and CEO of Vietnam’s burgeoning coffee brand, Le Hoang Diep Thao, is more a queen than a king. With a valuation upwards of US$60 million and thousands of Vietnamese farmers as beneficiaries of her benevolent reign, she is building a model of coffee cultivation that demands more than just good PR. But Ms Thao, as she is respectfully referred to by her ever-present aides – and who was recently in Dubai to promote the King Coffee brand and sign an MoU to begin distributing it in the UAE – was not always coffee royalty. Her rise is inextricably tied to her origins and she makes it a point to never forget that.


Coffee in her blood

“I was born in a coffee plantation,” says Thao. “This is why coffee is so important to me. It is in my blood. I have lived around coffee all my life.

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