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Cold brew coffee Riptide making inroads into offices, eateries

Riptide Coffee

What’s that? Career satisfaction is a complex calculation, but if access to cold-brew coffee factors into it, there are 30 Charleston area offices in which you might rather work. Riptide, which got its start in Jim Luby’s garage, now supplies its South American roast to companies across the region; Luby says the brand is looking to expand to Atlanta and Charlotte. According to Luby, cold-brewed coffee has less acid, which “means more flavor and extended shelf-life.” Although brewed Riptide is currently sold exclusively by the keg, aluminum cans are in the works.

Who recommends it? Erin Fornadel of Vintage Coffee Cafe.

Why? “What’s better than a cold brew right from the tap on a hot Charleston day?” asks Fornadel, who’s so smitten with the flavor of Riptide that she’s arranged to keep it on tap at Vintage Coffee Cafe.

Where is it? Riptide is available from nearly two dozen local retailers and restaurants, including Caviar &Bananas, Dellz Uptown and The Fat Hen. For a complete list of locations, visit

By Hanna Raskin

(Post &Courier)

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