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Amazon, International Paper and Starbucks Join The Recycling Partnership

Amazon, International Paper and Starbucks Coffee Company have joined The Recycling Partnership as new funding partners. The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit that uses funds from corporate partners to invest in recycling efforts across the country, has raised $29 million in just four years.

“Amazon, International Paper and Starbucks Coffee Company have stepped up to the plate by dedicating dollars to create healthier communities through recycling,” said Keefe Harrison, CEO of The Recycling Partnership, in a statement. “We are empowered by the growing list of companies and communities that trust The Recycling Partnership to deliver swift, measurable change. They understand that collaboration is essential for building stronger solutions to environmental and community concerns, including recycling.”

In addition to these three companies, The Recycling Partnership receives support from 34 other companies including Coca-Cola, Target, Pepsi and P&G. The nonprofit has invested in recycling infrastructure in 640 different communities since its inception.

“At Starbucks we understand the power of working together to achieve complex sustainability goals,” said Rebecca Zimmer, global director of environment at Starbucks, in a statement. “We are proud to join The Recycling Partnership in order to leverage their capability of creating change at the community level in support of the development of a city by city infrastructure that will make recycling a reality, everywhere.”



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