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Like Tinder, but for connecting coffee lovers to specialty roasts


If you’re into coffee, stumbling onto your favorite new roast can be a little random. You might taste something you like at a hip coffee shop or gourmet grocer. But you never have a full view of what is out there and whether there is a particular roast you might like more.

Trade, a new e-commerce website, is here to help navigate the process. Ben Fischman, one of the founders of direct-to-consumer luxury shoe brand M.Gemi, has just launched the platform, bringing on Marcus Boni, formerly of VP of retail at Intelligentsia, to curate the best coffees on the market. The site will include more than 40 roasters, who bring more than 400 roasts. It will also help you figure out which particular roasts you might like by offering a quiz.

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