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Counter Culture Coffee and Twin Release Toolkit To Help Coffee Farmers Address Climate Change

Counter Culture Coffee, Twin, and Duke University developed an open-source toolkit to help structure workshops with coffee farmers to identify climate change adaptation solutions. By 2050, it is estimated that areas suitable for coffee growing will have reduced by 50 percent. Temperature and precipitation changes threaten the viability of coffee trees, coffee quality, and the livelihoods of coffee farmers and communities all over the world. These climate-specific Impacts vary across coffee-growing regions, so adaptation solutions to climate change need to also be location-specific. Recognizing the urgency of the issue, the companies developed a workshop and created this toolkit so that the workshop can be easily replicated by other companies and organizations across the wider coffee industry. The open-source toolkit contains all the resources necessary for facilitators—whether they are NGOs, coffee companies, roasters, or farmer organizations themselves—to work with farmers to develop their own solutions to help adapt to a changing climate.

In preparation for this toolkit, Counter Culture began conducting climate change adaptation workshops in countries like Peru and Guatemala in 2017. “Supporting producer partners to develop these solutions themselves means that they will be easier to implement,” said Hannah Ward, Program Manager at Twin. “Producers have ownership over the success and ongoing management of the projects, which is really what sustainability is all about.” Workshop activities rely on the knowledge and participation of the workshop attendees to generate and evaluate ideas. This results in the identification of solutions that are: 1. Specifically tailored to the environmental and social conditions of the area 2. Feasible based on the resources available to coffee farmers in that area 3. Fully owned by farmers, since ideas were generated and planned by the farmers themselves “While there’s no shortage of scientific data about coffee and climate change, there’s not much at the regional or local scale,” said Taylor. “Rather than spending time and resources to collect this data, we can get reliable information from the people who live and work in these realities every day. In many cases this type of information is more useful than more traditional data points because it takes into account cultural and social norms and resources.” Facilitators do not need to be experts in climate change science to implement adaptation solutions—the toolkit was designed to be used by any type of participant within the coffee value chain. The toolkit is now available to download via this link.

Counter Culture will be hosting a public Tasting at Ten on Friday, April 20, that will center around the workshops and the new toolkit in all of their Training Centers. For additional information, please contact Counter Culture at and Twin at

About Us Twin is a development through trade NGO working with 49 producer organizations representing over 400,000 coffee, cocoa, and nut smallholders in 17 countries across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Our trading company Twin Trading markets and trades quality coffee and cocoa with development impact. Twin and Twin Trading work hand in hand to access value-added markets on behalf of our producer partners, balancing producer support with market demand. Founded in 1995, Counter Culture Coffee is a much-loved coffee roaster dedicated to finding and bringing to market the most exciting and delicious coffees in the world. The company’s vision is to pursue coffee perfection by creating partnerships dedicated to environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability throughout the coffee supply chain, improving the natural environment, and operating efficiently to minimize environmental impact. Counter Culture has 13 training centers across the country and is served in some of the country’s top restaurants, is available in coffee shops, specialty grocers, and online at

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