Riff Launches with 4 RTD Cold Brewed Coffees

BEND, OREGON: Riff Cold Brewed, founded by craft beverage veterans, announces the release of 4 artisanal coffee varieties, available in bottles throughout Oregon.

“We’re setting the bar extremely high with everything we’re doing, which makes for a fun challenge,” said Nate Armbrust, Co-Founder and Director of Brewing and Innovation at Riff. “My plan from the beginning has been to come out of the gate absolutely nailing black coffee, without any added ingredients.” Armbrust continued.

Riff partnered with Thornton Family Coffee Roasters for each of the 4 varieties. “Riff wanted to, not only hit, but accentuate, some very specific notes,” said Paul Thornton, Founder of Thornton and past president of the SCA. “It required a massive amount of research and I’m thrilled with the results,” Thornton added.

Each of Riff’s 4 varieties is made with only 2 ingredients—artisanal coffee and fresh Cascade water. To hear the backstory behind each, check out our fun product videos:

For further information on this release readers should contact: Paul Evers


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