Coffee SavR® Saves Taste, Saves Money

Coffee SavR®, significantly slows down the oxidation and deterioration processes in hot-brewed coffee and keeps coffee fresh tasting for hours, even when kept on a burner or in a heated dispenser.

Unique, patented Coffee SavR® is highly cost effective and easy to use. Just 1⁄4 teaspoon is added to a carafe containing 15 – 20 cups of coffee just before or during brewing. The commercial size pint container is good for over 9,450 cups of coffee. For fraction of a penny per cup, you can have fresh tasting coffee, down to the very last sip, every time. It even reduces or eliminates the indigestion some coffee drinkers feel when they drink coffee that has not just been brewed.

Viachem LLC is seeking distributors, reps and/or partners to market this highly profitable product. Those interested can contact Mel Blum, 631−752−8700, X102 or

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