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Purple Door Coffee Celebrates Five Years of Helping Denver’s Homeless


“Purple is the color of royalty and we believe in the unsurpassable worth and value of every human life, so anyone who comes through this door deserves to be treated like royalty no matter what their life looks like,” explained executive director and head roaster of Purple Door Coffee Mark Smesrud.


Purple Door Coffee sits on the corner of Welton and 30th Streets in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. Upon first look, it would be difficult to distinguish this unassuming coffee shop from the many others that have popped up across the city. The serve craft coffee made from house-roasted beans, offer local pastries and do it all in a laid-back, somewhat modern environment. Purple Door, however, has one aspect that sets it apart from other shops in the city — it employs formerly homeless youth. And yesterday was its fifth anniversary.

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