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“One Coffee Four Ways at SCA Expo”

Brooklyn, NY – April 18th, 2018 –  Each year the SCA Expo offers visitors a chance to taste some of the industry’s best coffees from the most advanced brewing equipment on the market. At this year’s Expo, Alpha Dominche will be offering a unique omni-roast brewing experience that highlights a single coffee across four completely different methods. Their booth concept, “One Coffee Four Ways” will feature one coffee brewed on FLASK (Manual Brew), Steampunk (Automated Single Cup), Mina (Espresso), and Hipster (Batch Brew). Visit them at Booth #2533 to experience this union of brewing methods and specialty coffees.


The coffee itinerary contains a powerhouse of accomplished roasters and coffee producers. On Friday, Amavida Coffee Roasters will kick off the show, followed by Ninety Plus Gesha Estates (Saturday) and Onyx Coffee Lab (Sunday). These roasters all selected a coffee that could be highlighted across a large variety of different brewing methods.


As equipment designers we are always striving to create consistent, beautiful and technologically advanced brewing machines that enhance the final presentation of coffee to consumers. We have invited two guest manufacturers to join our offering this year so that we can highlight a single coffee across a variety of machines and methods. Our Steampunk® and FLASK™ will be placed side-by-side with Dalla Corte’s Mina and 3Temp’s Hipster to offer the ultimate and complete brewing package. We have also partnered with acclaimed coffee producers that can demonstrate the quality and story we are hoping to express through our concept.” Says CEO Thomas Perez.


This will also be Alpha Dominche’s first time introducing their FLASK Brewer to the Coffee Community. Earlier this year, AD raised over $200,000 through a Kickstarter Campaign to launch FLASK into existence, and this will be its first appearance on the Expo Floor. The FLASK™ combines the full immersion and visual brew process of Alpha Dominche’s commercial brewers in a leather wrapped, sleek, and beautiful serving vessel for home consumers.




Alpha Dominche is an American company based in Brooklyn, New York. We design and build advanced coffee and tea brewing equipment with equal emphasis on innovation and craftsmanship.


The STEAMPUNK® and SIGHT™ brewers are our signature products. They offer a new path forward in the industry, bringing specialty coffee and tea to a larger community by transforming quality brewing into a streamlined and interactive process. Our consumer lineup, beginning with the FLASK™ Brewer, brings our innovative and aesthetically engineered products to home users around the world.


Our approach to designing brewing equipment is inspired by our name, which means “first of its kind.” We created a brewing system that offers unprecedented extraction, temperature control and thermal stability. Our brew process allows baristas to serve coffee and tea with their own unique brew parameters and precise, balanced flavors that result in an extraordinary cup. Our products give cafes, restaurants, hotels, and even home users a unique brewing experience unlike any other in our industry.


In early 2017 we opened a new, ambitious retail project — Extraction Lab — in Brooklyn’s Industry City.  The Extraction Lab is an innovative cafe that features the STEAMPUNK® and SIGHT™ brewers, and serves as a space for guests to experience the world’s best coffees and teas from more than 40 world-class producers.


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