Yes, The Marriage of Cold-brew Coffee and Wine is Now Official

Yes, the marriage of cold-brew coffee and wine is now official. Apothic wines in Modesto, California, recently unveiled plans for the release of a red-blend wine called Apothic Brew. The wine, which became available nationwide earlier this month, is the brainchild of Apothic winemaker Deb Juergenson. By taking two of the most popular beverages to sip on – red wine and cold-brew coffee – Juergenson has created what some are calling a most thought-provoking combination.

Juergenson says she chose cold-brew coffee because studies have indicated that it is a beverage millennials have a strong demand for. Not only that, but her research concludes that cold-brew coffee and wine are complementary, thus leading to its pairing. Therefore, the winery is hopeful that this interesting new blend will attract both young and old wine lovers. As for myself, I am not much of a coffee drinker so I approached the idea with some reluctance.

However, the wine is quite flavorful with plush red fruits and subtle hints of mocha and chocolate. The finish boasts toasted oak and has a rich essence that is brought to the forefront by the cold-brew coffee. I might also add that, according to the winery, Apothic Brew contains much less caffeine than a standard cup of decaf.

Producers from around the globe are keenly aware that a new and eclectic generation of wine lovers may indeed be looking for something unique and inspiring. To its credit, and in spite of ancient roots, winemaking is and always has been a dynamic and ever-changing industry, whereby consumer demand and taste have often dictated what the future might hold. Of course, the investment of time and money will determine how far many traditional wineries are willing to go in order to attract this market segment. Challenging the status quo, especially wineries that have enjoyed a long and successful track record, may indeed prove to be a moot point.

Nonetheless, at $14.99 a bottle, those wine lovers willing to step outside the box may find this wine satisfies that urge. Now, I’m not suggesting you wake each morning and pour a glass of Apothic Brew. Obviously we’re still talking about alcohol here. But as a departure, this red blend may well find a niche among those seeking a totally different wine-drinking experience. I’m told the wine is available for a limited time, so those eager to taste Apothic Brew may want to check in with a local wine shop.

In the meantime, a word of caution, especially for those of you who are true adventurists: Please do not add cream, milk or sugar. Cheers!

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