Meet the Pour Over Kettle with all the Features to Make a Quality Cup of Savoury, Hand-crafted Coffee

Comes with a built-in thermometer, gooseneck spout, and tight-fitted glass lid, essential features for top-notch hand crafted coffee

Fort Collins, CO – Ol’Blue is a company that prides itself on delivering top quality products that make a difference. The company would like to announce the launch of their new product, the pour-over coffee kettle, which is everything needed to make a savoury, hand-crafted, cup of coffee. The product is made from highest standard material and manufacturing process like laser welding and double seaming. It comes with a built-in thermometer, gooseneck spout, and tight-fitting glass lid. The kettle is also cooking surface compatible, and it’s easy to control temperature and water flow.

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“Life should be simple and free, and one way to achieve that is through brilliantly made products that work. The pour-over kettle is an ideal product that performs way beyond expectations and imaginations. We offer you an item that is designed with the intention to make life simple for you, by helping you make the best cup of coffee anytime you so desire. Spend time with friends and family sipping on quality coffee and listening to your favorite music, while appreciating the beautiful things life has to offer,” said Keith Gittlein, President of Ol’Blue.

The pour-over kettle from Ol’Blue is a revelation that deserves to be celebrated, for its unique design and functionality. The product is well made to deliver the best cup of coffee. The built-in thermometer helps to control water temperature, which is essential for brewing coffee with perfect flavor. Gooseneck spout is a design feature that encourages precision and allows for the best control of location and water flow. There is also a tight-fitted glass lid that secures the liquid inside and prevents unnecessary spills while pouring. The kettle is constructed with materials that help it withstand corrosion and rust so that it will last longer.

“I love this kettle. It looks great enough to leave out on the stove top and works wonderfully. I like having the thermometer built in, knowing when the water is the perfect temperature. The gooseneck gives nice control when doing a pour over with no splash back. Excited to see the other products they will have,” said Jennifer H, a customer.

The pour-over kettle is made through a manufacturing process that includes double seaming and laser welding, making the kettle leak resistant and durable. It can be used on most cooking surfaces like gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, and induction, and it comes with a 30 days 100% satisfaction guarantee and one-year replacement warranty.

About Ol’Blue

Ol’Blue is a company committed to delivering top quality products that help users enjoy the little things of life. For them, it is an opportunity to make a statement and help their customers experience the true value of existence.

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