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Calming And Invigorating Cannabis Coffee Sold In New York Cafe

A New York café is offering a unique brew: cannabis-infused coffee. Caffeine Underground in Brooklyn has a menu that includes cappuccinos, lattes and other beverages prepared using a special coffee infused with Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the main components of marijuana.

The plant-derived component is not mind-altering, but does have a soothing property, and is used for medicinal purposes. One blogger reported that her cafe latte was both “calming and invigorating.”

“We want to give people the opportunity to avoid stress,” says the café’s owner, Ian Ford. One elderly couple, regular visitors to Caffeine Underground, swear by the health benefits of CBD in the treatment of their joint pains.

“It’s our job here to improve your day,” Ford says. He buys the special coffee from a New York-based producer who also makes CBD-infused chocolate, gummy bears and lollipops.

While CBD is legal across the United States, the psychoactive marijuana-derived compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is banned in some states, including New York. Nine states, including California and Colorado have legalized marijuana for personal use and it can be used for medical treatment in more than half of the 50 states.


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