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Gender in Coffee A Documentary Now Available For All To Watch.

Gender equity involves all of us. It affects us in our daily lives and takes on different meaning depending upon our country, our culture, our jobs and our different expression of gender. What does gender equity mean for a coffee family, a roaster or a coffee drinker? How do we relate to and connect with one another around the same passion for coffee?

This film opens the conversation about gender roles, women’s empowerment, masculinity, women’s coffee and the importance of working towards gender equality for the sustainability of the coffee industry.

Filmed between January and March 2018, from Mexico to the United States we followed the story of women and men involved in the production, transformation and consumption of coffee.

Xavier Hamon and Hannah Stapleton are both passionate about the human story of coffee and the art of film making. Xavier has worked since 2013 in the specialty coffee industry. He has been involved with gender work in Uganda, Malawi, Congo and Peru with the UK based NGO Twin. Hannah is a visual artist currently exploring mediums of installation and video art related to ecology and the body. Hannah has also worked supporting young refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and in Lebanon.

The film is planned to be screened in London and Amsterdam in the coming weeks.

Tate Modern Terrace Bar Wednesday May 9, London
Doors open 6:45pm
Film at 7
Followed by Q&A
Suggested donation 20gbp

View film here:

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