Chicago, Illinois –PLITEK® reduces environmental footprint and eliminates oil in one-way degassing valves!

Plitek® announces their newest innovation, Oil-Free One-Way Degassing Valves! This product will help coffee roasters protect and preserve the quality of their roast, allowing them to offer the best coffee to their customers.
The oil-free feature saves time, decreases scrap, and reduces clean-up efforts by eliminating the need to oil valves during the packaging process.
With environmental footprint in mind, the product uses less material compared to a button valve.
This breakthrough innovation offers an outstanding opening and closing pressure allowing for the quickest release of CO2 and the most efficient preservation of roasted coffee.
For over 25 years, in conjunction with the current line of PLI-VALV one-way degassing valves, PLITEK® has been custom engineering valve applicator systems that can be integrated on customers’ packaging machinery providing full customer support and simplifying the source of degassing systems.
PLITEK® will showcase the Oil-Free One-Way Degassing Valve at the Specialty Coffee Association Convention in Boston, booth 922.

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