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I Tried The Dunkin’ Peeps Coffee And Doughnut So You Don’t Have To


Let’s be real. Whenever a company or restaurant comes out with a new “Peeps-flavored” product, it’s really announcement that they’re introducing something colorful and loaded with sugar.

So it should be little surprise that the new Dunkin’ Peeps coffee and doughnuts taste good — provided you’re looking for a coffee and/or doughnut that’s been put through a pastel-tinged sugar carwash.

And if you are, hey, that’s pretty much the point of the entire month of April. The Red Sox start playing and we start eating Easter candy the moment March ends to try and claw out way out of the cold embrace of winter. Like a great, floral-toned phoenix, Peeps rise from their glittery ashes every spring to warm our hearts and convince us that Cadbury Creme Eggs aren’t weapons-grade sugar glutonium.
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