BeansTalk Coffee Podcast Connects Consumers with Roasters

The new BeansTalk Coffee Podcast, launching in May, aims to help connect consumers with roasters across the U.S. while helping them learn to enjoy their coffee more.

Currently, a majority of podcasts in this space are geared for people already embedded in or familiar with the industry. Seeing an opportunity to use podcasting to make coffee tasting (and the specialty coffee industry) more accessible to general consumers, the BeansTalk Coffee Podcast aims to provide weekly episodes with valuable information and guided tastings for listeners to participate in, from home.

Upon launch this May, each episode will feature a different coffee from roasters across the U.S. Listeners will be encouraged to purchase featured coffees directly from the source, ahead of each episode, so they can follow along with tasting discussions.

The BeansTalk Coffee Podcast is currently seeking independent roasters around the U.S. to donate a bag of coffee for feature in upcoming episodes. If you are interested in having your coffee featured, please contact
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