CURTIS® ESSENCE™ Cold Brew System

Wilbur Curtis Transforms How Cold Brew Coffee is Made with the
CURTIS® ESSENCE™ Cold Brew System

MONTEBELLO, Calif.—Wilbur Curtis Company, a premier manufacturer of commercial foodservice beverage systems, introduces the new Curtis® ESSENSE™ Cold Brew System, a revolutionary new way to make 5 gallons of fresh cold brew in less than 20 minutes, with 40% fewer beans.
The Curtis® ESSENSE™ Cold Brew System extracts unprecedented yields of flavor from the bean and greatly reduces time, waste, labor and space requirements. It offers groundbreaking technology, enabling operators to make cold brew as well as a full spectrum of other coffee styles and flavor profiles more quickly, more efficiently and in quantities never before practical.
Cold brew is one of the fastest growing coffee drinks throughout the country — one that continues to gain popularity across all demographics and dayparts. Yet coffee economics are changing. New styles and flavor profiles require special brewing methods that can be time consuming, expensive and bulky… especially if they’re needed in volume.
The Curtis® ESSENSE™ is a game-changer. It eliminates the need to stockpile product, saves precious storage space, reduces labor and ensures operators will always be serving the very freshest drinks.
Founded in 1941, the Wilbur Curtis Company is an industry leader in digital coffee brewing systems, iced tea brewers and dispensers, cappuccino machines and much more. In February of 2019, Curtis became part of SEB Professional Americas, joining the renowned Schaerer and WMF brands. These three esteemed industry leaders share a passion about coffee and are strategically focused on delivering customers’ needs.
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For more information, please contact the Wilbur Curtis Company, Inc. 6913 Acco Street, Montebello, CA 90640. Toll-free: 800/421-6150.

CURTIS® ESSENCE™ Cold Brew System
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