Coffee Quality Institute Names CEO of the Organization Dr. Tina Yerkes Appointed to Lead CQI


Coffee Quality Institute Names a CEO of the Organization
Dr. Tina Yerkes Appointed to Lead CQI

Portland, Oregon (March 24, 2019) —

Executive Director for the organization for over six years, is moving into the newly created role of International Programs Director.

“We believe that the contributions of our new CEO will further support our growth and industry impact,” said Samantha Veide, chair of the board of trustees. “We are at a critical moment in our journey as an organization and believe that Tina will bring the skills and talent needed to successfully implement our strategy and take advantage of the market opportunities to move us ahead. Simultaneously, we are excited to further leverage David’s passion, dedication to the organization and technical expertise to grow our international programs.”

Dr. Yerkes has spent her entire career in the non-profit world, working in a diversity of settings from very small grassroots non-profits to large global entities. Her experience spans education, research, environmental conservation, and global third-party certification in the water industry. Her formal educational training includes a BA in psychology and biology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, an MS in interdisciplinary science (ecology and chemistry) from Johns Hopkins, and a PhD in zoology at the University of Manitoba. Along with a non-profit and scientific background, Yerkes brings a strong skill set in leadership, finance, strategic and operational planning, and communication strategy.
Yerkes said, “I am honored and excited to have been chosen to lead CQI into its next phase. There is a great deal of passion in the CQI staff and board, and I am convinced we will grow programs and partnerships significantly over the next several years as we strive for greater impact on coffee quality and the farming communities who depend on this industry for their livelihoods.”

Roche said, “I have been working with the board in selecting Tina as the CEO and feel that she is an excellent complement to our talented staff. The role of International Programs Director will allow me to dedicate time to our innovative technical programs as CQI becomes increasingly relevant to the industry. I am excited to lead this work while Tina focuses on strategic growth, business development, and worldwide advocacy.”

For More Information, Contact: Samantha Veide, Chair, Board of Trustees

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