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3 Buzzworthy Stats That Reveal America May Have Hit Peak Coffee Snobbery


We’re paying a lot to perk up.

The number of Americans downing at least one cup of coffee a day is the highest it’s been in six years, according to 2018 data from the National Coffee Association — with nearly two in three Americans saying they drank at least one cup of coffee in the previous day.

And often, it’s not just any old cup of joe they’re sipping: Our taste for premium coffee has reached new heights. Last year saw the highest one-year jump in consumption of espresso-based beverages, with 24% of people reporting they’d sipped on it the past day, according to the NCA. Plus, servings of specialty coffee, like lattes, ordered at restaurants and other food-serving spots grew by 5%, while traditional and regular coffee consumption declined by 3%, according to Mintel. And total U.S. retail sales of refrigerated cold brew coffee grew a whopping 460% from 2015 to 2017 alone to reach an estimated $38.1 million this year, according to Mintel.

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