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Two NYU Students Combine Coffee And Cosmetics


Over 11 million tons of coffee are produced annually around the world, the vast majority of which ends up in landfills. Gallatin senior Parker Reposa and Stern junior Drew Enyedi are co-founders of Grounded, a company that upcycles coffee grounds into cosmetic products in an effort to minimize this enormous amount of waste.

They partner with local coffee shops looking to rethink their practices around organic waste and use their spent grounds to create soap bars. So far they have three partners: Think CoffeeAncolie and Urban Backyard. All of their products are available to purchase online and in store at their partnering locations.

Reposa and Enyedi first met in their Social Entrepreneurship class in 2017, where they were charged with the heavy task of coming up with a sustainable business solution to a global crisis.

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