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Average Joe: How To Stand Out In A Competitive Coffee Market


The coffee market is now so saturated that it takes real effort to keep up with the competition. So what quality of coffee should you serve to ensure a profitable business without alienating regulars with a highbrow brew? Ian Boughton investigates

We have gone through the rise of ‘cool’ coffee shops, we have heard all the hype about the importance of ‘speciality’ coffee – and we have seen all the statistics. But what is really important is: how practical is it for the average hot-beverage caterer to make a name for themselves for serving absolutely top-notch coffee?

For the caterer who wants to assess business potential, truly useful facts in the coffee trade are hard to find, and most statistics are vague enough to stretch credibility. Does anyone really believe that 97% of coffee drinkers buy the beverage out of home, that 23% of people visit a coffee shop daily, or that 81% of all coffee drinkers visit a coffee shop weekly?

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