CULT Artisan Beverage Company launches first Arizona specialty Cold Brew Coffee in cans!

CULT Artisan Beverage Company, a family owned company in Phoenix Arizona operating since 1997, announces it’s launch of the first Arizona Coffee Roaster to produce a ready to drink COLD BREW COFFEE in a can.
This product went through R&D for several months until the just right blend of coffees and roast level was perfected. CULT uses a proprietary process to create an amazingly smooth and balanced can of cold brew. After the specialty coffee is roasted to perfection it then goes through a precise Heat Extraction (to capture the peaks of flavor from the roast) and then gets Cold Pressed (to ensure a smooth and balanced body). This is all done in an oxygen free environment and the cold brew cans are never pasteurized (which is a reheating of the product that significantly diminishes the robust flavor profile). The result is simply a fantastic cold brew.
About CULT Artisan Beverage Company

CULT is a long time Phoenix valley favorite roasting coffees since 1997 and blending teas since 2000. CULT has quite an array of products to include roasted coffees and hand blended teas, a full line of CULT On Tap nitrogen infused keg coffees and Botanicals, a 1-gallon cold brew coffee concentrate, single serve cups (coffees, teas and botanicals) and filter pack coffee pods (make 2-4 cup coffee), hot teas in pyramid sachets, and our botanical infusion line of caffeine free and natural brewed beverages. CULT serves national and regional chains, hotels and resorts, college and universities, convenience stores, coffee shops, catering operations, the healthcare industry, and retail grocery operations.

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